Dance alone x Bristan


"As long as you try," she smiled. She looked over at him,"Just try and remember not to wear your favorite shoes while were practicing, no matter how good they look with your outfit. Don’t say I didn’t warn you," she shook her head, touching her chest as if she was offended before placing both hands back on the wheel,"It’s not like I knew your type," she defended,"But yea, I did kind of figure I’d meet them. I just wanted to hear you say it," she licked her lip.

"We’ll have time to do it again," she flirted,"And I’ll make sure to leave out the second part. We can do something else after," she let his mind wonder,"Are you sure you wouldn’t still want to go on that date? I mean, I would at least deserve a third try," she laughed since she was kidding,"I mean, you did agree to join. Which gives them the right to haze you," she laughed,"I’m sure it won’t be that bad,"

"Please," she shook her head,"You know thats a lie," she laughed. She laughed again, her straight teeth showing,"You are the last person on earth I’d expect to let their ego get broken from a girl walking away. And I barely even know you," she figured inflating the boys ego wasn’t the best idea, but everything she’d said so far had been true about him,"I guess not," she looked over at him.

She smiled at how much he reminded her of the boy who had passed, it was almost like having him back,”I used to be so jealous of my cousin, he can do that too,” she shook her head, laughing. She arched an eyebrow,”Singing, huh? It can be our secret then,” she added when he said he didn’t tell most people,”I never would’ve guessed, you? Nice?” she gasped sarcastically. She looked over at him when mentioned the tongue tricks, smirking for a second before looking away,”You’ll have to show me some of your talents sometime,” she slipped in before thinking about his question,”Um, I’m really flexible, not in the sense that I can twist all my shit around like you,” she laughed,”But I can do a lot of stuff. I speak a few different languages, fluently. I’ve been told I give good massages,” she laughed, not knowing where else to go,” I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue,” she finished.

"Is it, though? I mean you have to be attracted to someone in order to wanna fuck them, so,like, by hooking up with a dumb girl in my eyes it is the same as being attracted to dumb girls,” she nodded,”Now, I’m not saying that applies to all men, but most like to just have arm candy they can dumb down and treat like trophies,” she knew what she was talking about. She wasn’t a feminist but she was very keen on the whole debate about gender equality and feminism.

She watched him before walking over to the bed and sitting on it so she could watch him and help if she asked. She rolled her eyes at his answer,”Yea, but you know what I meant,” she looked around the room,”And good luck with bringing girls home now,” she laughed. If Marcus caught him bringing home a girl he didn’t approve of he would be dead. Marcus was kind of like an older figure, since he was the oldest in the house. He took disrespect seriously, and there were a few things that he did feel were disrespectful.

"Well, that might be a bit hard because all of my shoes are practically my favorite." It was true, he loved every single one of his sneakers as if they were his kids. He couldn’t help it. He was just a typical boy who loved sneakers, girls and fast cars. "Yeah, but I’m sure any boy could change his type when it comes to girls like you." Tristan said with a smirk, and rolled his eyes. "I’m not even going to comment on that, because then I would be a hypocrite, but you are very cocky." 

"I’d prefer we do more than just that." He laughed once she finished her sentence because it was like she knew what he was going to come back with. "Not if you’re going to kidnap me again, I wouldn’t want to go on that date. I mean you could kidnap me fore something else." He looked down at the phone as it lit up, and cracked his knuckles before looking back at her. "Yes, but hazing usually occurs when somebody comes and asks you. Not when you ask them. Like frats. They haze because all of the freshmen want in on the fraternity. You don’t exactly torture somebody when you want them." Tristan knew about it mostly because he had a few friends in frats. He never saw the point, because even when you weren’t in the frat you still got invited to the parties, and that was all he needed. "Hazing is horrible no matter what it is, and I doubt its gonna be a simple fish out the apples." 

Tristan chuckled, “I wouldn’t let anybody break my ego.” It’s not like he was a dependent person, he always did things himself, because he knew that he was brought into this world alone and he would die alone. Which was why he usually didn’t take what people said seriously, because at the end of they day they aren’t gonna be there at the end of it all. “Well maybe you are good at this judging by the cover thing.” 

He nodded his head as he listened to her. “My mom used to hate it so much. I think it was because that one time when I was eleven I tricked her into thinking I broke my leg.” Tristan smile at the memory, before nodding his head. “Yes, singing.” He picked it up from his grandmother since neither his dad or his siblings could sing, and she was the only one who could. “Oh, and I play a few instruments here and there.” He added before laughing. “Right, because I was supposed to nice while I was tied up. I’m telling you, I am nice.” The male looked at her when he had mentioned the tongue tricks, and picked up on the smirk even though it didn’t last too long. He returned the smirk once she mentioned that she was flexible, “‘Twist all my shit around’ that is the best way to phrase it that I have ever heard in my life. I’ve heard ‘abnormal, and ‘alien’ but yours is by far the best. But being flexible is always a good thing.” He shook his head with a soft laugh. “What do you speak? Tell me something sexy.” Tristan looked away and bit the inside of his cheek once she mentioned massages, because he wanted to laugh, but he figured she hadn’t meant it in that sense. “You know, as much as I can move my tongue around, I’ve never been able to do that.” 

"Right, but like I said there’s a difference between wanting to build a relationship with somebody and just wanting to fuck them." Which there was, and he was a guy, so he would have known. "You could be sexually attracted to somebody, enough to want to fuck them, but know you won’t have enough chemistry with them to have the relationship." Tristan said, before he continued. "Yeah, and that’s why we are considered pigs." Its not like what she said was wrong, because most of his sex was exactly the way she had described it. 

Once he had finished stuffing the undergarments into the zipper of the of the luggage he moved onto the rest of his clothes and placed them carefully folded into the luggage, because if there was anything he hated, it was wrinkles all over his clothing. “I think I’ll be happy enough with one girl.” He left it up to her to figure out who he was talking about, but he knew it wouldn’t take long for her to know. 


Dance alone x Bristan


She nodded when he said he understood,

"Marcus sees a lot of potential in you," she sighed,"A lot of his, uh brother," she nodded,"You better soak up the special treatment while you can, sooner than later you’ll be training your ass off just like us," she laughed,"Well, Marcus pretty much kicked him out with nowhere to go. Apparently he was sharing stuff with a girl from another crew just so he could get some," she shrugged,"But I haven’t heard from him since he got kicked out so I don’t know the full story," she looked over at him for a second, raising her eyebrow," So I met your expectations? That’s a relief," she was joking and serious at the same time,"I think that’d be embarrassing if I didn’t,"

"Yes, but you liked this trick until you were in the back of a van," she teased and laughed,"I promise that’s the last time I’ll do something like that. As far as the guys go, I don’t know. They’re probably gonna have some sort of stupid hazing," she shook her head. Since she was a girl she didn’t have one, which was a double standard she was offended by, but all the other guys went through it. It was different every year for the most part, she just knew it often involved nudity. Something that was embarrassing for most in itself. 

"Makes sense," she nodded,"If it makes you feel any better about being tricked, I was going to go back and find you the first time and give you my number but Marcus would’ve given me shit," she looked down at her hips that were currently jutting out before looking back up, shaking her head,"I expected hair, not hips," she laughed. She’d always been skinny, she’d never really been able to do anything about it. She was self conscious about it at first but once she got older and gained her ‘curves’ which weren’t really that significant, she learned to accept it.

"I guess I could," it took everything in her to not start cursing when a Benz swerved into her lane without any kind of signal what so ever,"Do you have any more gifts?" she was trying to make conversation with the boy. She didn’t want to go on a date with him completely blind, no matter how good looking he was. If there wasn’t anything behind the face what was the point?

"Oh, I do," she nodded,"Did you not see my face when you said you had school? I’m just surprised you care, considering most guys don’t most of the time. As long as a girl looks good a guy won’t complain, that is until after he hits it," she obviously was a smart girl, she knew how guys played the game. And after years of living with them she knew how to play it even better.

"I’ve lived with mostly guys my entire life, it’s programmed into me," she joked and shook her head,"Don’t let a pretty face fool you," she rose an eyebrow,"I can guarantee you wont,"

She followed in behind him, letting the door shut once he turned on the light. She made sure to step where he did, not wanting to knock over anything,

"Not for long," she added to his home comment, smirking. She assumed he knew he would be coming back, she just wanted to play with him,"You’re so lucky," she sighed,"Living with only one other person must be like heaven," the only thing about living in a house that was like a constant party was that the word ‘constant’ was the key word. Everyone’s sleeping schedules were different so you could just be going to bed and someone would just then be getting home and want to hang out. It took her awhile to get used to it.

Tristan was going to make a cocky remark, until she mentioned the brother, and decided not to do it anymore. “I’ll try not to let you guys down.” Was all he could muster together that didn’t make him look cocky or inconsiderate. “Special treatment?” He cocked his brows, “Being tied, wrist to wrist, being thrown in the back of a van, and almost messing up my sneakers is special treatment?” He asked, chuckling. “I can’t say I’m all too excited to see what you guys make me do during this training.” It’s not like he wasn’t used to being pushed until he was ready to break, because he had been in dancing schools since was about the age of six. Tristan remembered his parents recording him imitating Jackson’s Moonwalk which was pretty good for a two year old. Dancing just came to the boy naturally. His family just assumed it was because he was a kid, and he had light feet, but his dancing had a special shine to it and they realized that, and that’s when the enrolled him into a dance academy. They just never assumed he would have fallen into another form of dancing. “Oh, please, don’t act like you didn’t already know you would have met my expectations before.”

Liked being the key term there.” Tristan pointed out, “I would still like it, just subtract the second part of that. I’m glad that, that is the last time you would do something like that. I’m not sure I would like to go on that date, if you planned to do me like that again.” He cocked his eyebrows, and cleared his throat. “What? So they ask me to join, and they plan to haze me?” He asked, “I thought you had to haze when somebody wanted to join, not when you ask them.”

"Thank you, that fixed my broken ego. I thought I was a bad dancer, so you had to walk away from me." He spoke sarcastically and jokingly at the same time. Tristan obviously wasn’t being serious, he knew it was almost impossible for him to have a broken ego. People have said things to him, but for some reason, it fed his ego. "I guess I’m not that easy to uncover." He said with a smile, and licked his bottom lips. Tristan had the type of face that, if he didn’t want you to know that he was feeling a type of way, you wouldn’t have been able to tell. He didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve.

"Most of my talents revolve around dancing though, like the fact that I’m double jointed in every single joint of my body, makes things a lot easier for me to do." He pointed out, "Alright, well, I can lowkey sing, I don’t tell most people that. I’m actually a nice person, until I decide that I don’t like you. I’m like a mental calculator." He wasn’t sure what else there was to say, "Oh, and I could do these really weird tongue tricks." He spoke, and made sure it sounded at least a little but seductive. "How about you?" He asked.

"Ofcourse I care." He couldn’t be smart, and have an idiot girlfriend, because than he wouldn’t be able to have intellectual conversations. "That’s different, though. It’s different when a guy is trying to have a relationship and when they are just trying to fuck." The dumber the better it was when a guy was just trying to fuck and duck.

"Whatever you say, princess." Tristan had drag raced so many times before, he knew his way around the entire city and how to get to places faster than most.

He reached under the bed to get one of the luggages and tossed it on top opening the zipper. “I won’t exactly say one person.” Even though both him and his roommate had their fair share of girls in the room his roommate hardly ever went a night without bringing a girl. He opened the top two drawers that were his boxers and undershirts.


Dance alone x Bristan


"I was pretty much the bait," she shrugged,"But I did pretty much come up with it. Marcus just had to choose who he wanted and he chose you. But we’d done it before so it wasn’t exactly our first try, which was probably why you were so willing," she smirked,"They knew, coming from a guys point of view, you’d probably want to see my face if you didn’t the first time," she shrugged. It wasn’t exactly rocket science. If a guy thought that there was even the slightest chance of him getting to bust a nut he’d probably go through some things to get to it. And Tristan’s just so happened to be following a girl behind a club, only thing was he wasn’t getting what he had hoped for. At least not now, it depended on how the second date went,

"I wasn’t sure you would have wanted to. You might’ve felt like you were tricked or something," she nodded. It made sense that he might’ve been mad for awhile because she did in fact lead him to getting kidnapped. But she guessed good looks over ruled everything else in the equation. She rose an eyebrow before stopping at another red light,

"So you mean to tell me you were you were even going to ask for my number then?" she nodded, actually a bit surprised at what she was hearing,"How’d you even know it was me the second time?" She had a feeling it had something to do with her hair. People were always commenting on it or touching it. She wasn’t sure why, people just seemed to like to play with it,

"Then you must be pretty good at reading people," she admitted. She did know she was attractive and she did just want to hear him say it. Was there anything wrong with that? If anything they’d both boosted each others egos. When they were still back at the loft she saw the look on his face when she called him hot. She’d never been around someone who was as found of them self as she was. She had a feeling she might’ve met her match. She could tell by the way he talked, dressed, walked, even sat. It was just the feeling he gave off,

"No reason," she teased. She rolled her eyes playfully when he said he liked girls with an education,

"I’m sure," she said, watching him climb out of the van,"Well see, next time I’ll bring my Aventador. We can test it on the streets," she smiled back mockingly. She followed him to his dorm, thanking god she didn’t have to stay in one because she didn’t think she’d be able to handle living with a room mate. Having her own room in a house full of people was bad enough, if there was absolutely no privacy she’d lose it.

“Ah, that makes sense.” He practically knew it. Tristan just didn’t say it, but once he saw her face once they got back to the house, he couldn’t exactly blame them for choosing her as bait. She was pretty damn good bait. “I feel honored.” He said jokingly, he had seen the boy at the club before and he looked competitive, besides he came to the conclusion that he had owned the club which meant he obviously knew good dancing when he saw it. “I still want to know what you did to that guy that didn’t work out.” He listened to her, and nodded his head. “I would want to see your face, I would be highly upset if you weren’t as attractive as I expected you to be especially since we danced twice.” She exceeded his expectations, but he decided not to say that. He looked out of the window before looking back at her.

"Well, I obviously was tricked." He felt like an idiot for actually following her out of the club, especially when his guy was telling him to turn his ass right back around. He figured that’s why people always told him boys were as stupid as a turkey.

"I figured that if I got your number, I could talk to you again, ask you out under different circumstances, and see your face." Tristan shrugged his shoulders. "Your hips gave it away." He told her, "Yours bulge out, and when you dance they kind of feel sharp." It was practically that, that gave most of it away. "Your hair also. Not many girls have hair that long." Her hair was pretty long, long enough to hide her whole face from him.

"You can say it’s a gift." She wasn’t the first person to tell him that, he could easily figure out who people were just by looking at them. If they stood with their chin held up, they were mostly likely confident in themselves. If they slouched their back, and walked with their heads facing the ground, they most likely had low self esteem. Tristan could tell the girl was confident in herself just by the posture she sat in, and the way she spoke back to him when he asked her to take his phone out of his pocket.

He looked at her, and shook his head. “You can’t tell me you don’t either. I know a girl like you isn’t going to go for some uneducated idiot.” Tristan said bluntly. He figured that out back when he was in high school, and for some reason he always managed to steal girls from guys who weren’t smart. They liked somebody who could take care of them, not somebody that they had to take care of.

"So you like nice cars too?" He asked before he had shut the door, "I can guarantee you that I will win."

Tristan watched her pull up to the parking lot, before swiping his Student ID so that the doors opened and held it open for her before walking towards his dorm and pushing the door open. He turned on the light, of course he was right, his roommate had been sleeping in some girls room. “Welcome to my home.” He didn’t exactly like the idea of sharing a room because he was used to each of his siblings having their own room, but he didn’t want to live with his parents, so the dorm life it was. Tristan kicked the door shut with his foot once she walked in.


Dance alone x Bristan


"They just wanted to make sure you didn’t try anything. I think Marcus would’ve had a fit if you said no, as much as he would want to deny it. And Donovan just does what Marcus says because he’s like a big brother to him," she shrugged,"Would you?" she asked, surprised and not at the same time. She half smirked at him when she felt him look her way, not wanting to take her eyes off the road,"No, I still would’ve said yes. I actually would’ve preferred you asking me one on one away from them but it’s cool either way," only reason she said that was because she knew now that Marcus was going to be in her and Tristan’s business now. Not that there really was much privacy in the house anyway. There was enough space for everyone to have their own room and wing of the house but everyone insisted on being nosey. She wondered how long it would take the boy next to her to get used to it.

"What’s that supposed to mean?" she raised an eyebrow, halfway turning her head to look at him.

She shook her head at his response, hoping for his sake he really was as good as he was making it out to be. She knew the crew couldn’t afford to fuck around and even if he wasn’t as good as they expected they’d still keep him around because of what they had already seen him do,

"I’m actually not at the club as much as the others. I’m either studying for school or rehearsing my own dances, unless its around this time then of course I’m with the crew practicing for championship. And I guess I will," she nodded when he said he wanted to get his car first, pulling into the parking lot and waiting for him to point on which car was his before she pulled over to it, "Meet you at your dorm?"

Tristan nodded his head, if he had kidnapped somebody, he would have understood where they were coming from, but since he never kidnapped somebody, he didn’t. “And what part did you play in my kidnapping?” He asked, he figured she was just the mouse trap. Then again she could have been the whole brains behind the idea, so he decided to not say anything and just wait for her response.

"You think I wouldn’t have?" He asked, Tristan wasn’t really the type to hold back. The only thing that would have held him back from asking her out was just because he never had the chance to actually look at her face. "I would have preferred that too, but you know the first time we danced you decided to walk away before I could get your number." The male pointed out.

"Nothing, I just had the feeling you knew you were attractive, and liked being told that you were." He wasn’t complaining, he always liked girls with confidence. Even cocky at times. He thought about when Marcus told him not to get cocky, and then he realized he actually was sort of cocky, but he couldn’t help it. He was just like his father. They both knew what they had, and they had to flaunt it. His mother was more down to earth, she never let the money get to her head. Which was why Tristan was normally friendly when he first met somebody until he ultimately whether he liked them or disliked them.

"Why are you shaking your head?" The male asked arching both of his brows simultaneously.

He nodded his head. “I always liked a girl with education.” He said with a smirk, before pointing out his blue Gallardo which looked black since it was so dark outside. “If you can keep up to me. What can you do? Blow forty horses, maybe a fifty?” He asked with a smile before opening the door to the van, and shut it behind him. Tristan pulled out his keys from his pocket, and opened the door before climbing into it. Starting the engine, he slipped out of the parking lot. He knew his roommate would be in another girls room so at least they wouldn’t be disturbing him. The school wasn’t too far from the club, so with his short cuts, and turning through gas stations he had been by the East wing in ten minutes. Parking his car, he locked the doors and stood by the front door to wait for her since she would need a key to unlock the main entrance.


Dance alone x Bristan


"Damn, man. Sorry that sucks," Marcus said sympathetically,"But we’ll work with your schedule, since theres a few other members in school too," he nodded. Most of the members had known each other for years but some, like Tristan, were new additions to the family. But whether you were one of the originals or the newest member they tried to make everyone feel at home. Marcus would’ve never flipped over something so small because he knew although dancing was a lifestyle it wasn’t the best at making income. Not everyone was fortunate enough to be born into money.  

"Oh, if you want me to I can go get them if you don’t think I’m capable of helping?" she tested, turning on her heel,"Marcus probably just assumed you’d want some alone time to talk about our date," she teased, still pretending that she was going to go back inside and get the two guys,

"It is," she nodded, grinning. She stopped at the red light she had approached, leaning her head against the seat and bitting her lip. She sucked in her cheek when he started talking about the boy that had passed on. She still wasn’t particularly ready to talk about it so she ignored his comment, nodding when he said he was ready to come back to street dance,

"I’m sure street dance misses you too. I bet Chase is missing out. I can’t wait to see you actually dance and not just feel you," she joked and pulled off again, turning down the street that the club was on,"Do you wanna get your car or stuff first?"

Tristan nodded his head, and shrugged his shoulders. “I only have class until Thursday and that’s only three hours each day.” He wasn’t busy anymore since he was already on his second year, he was about to get his bachelors and he managed to stack up all of his classes through out his freshmen year and the first semester of this year. Leaving him practically free to do what he wanted.

He shook his head, letting out a slight chuckle. “No, I’m just saying they had their eyes on me like they were vultures.” Actually, they all did, he just felt more intimidated by the two boys than he did by her. He rolled his eyes at her teasing him, as he looked out the window. “Just so you know, I still would have asked you on that date.” Tristan said looking over at her. It was true, he would have, it’s just he didn’t have much of a choice to pick from. He had money, so it’s not like he even needed to ask for that. Besides, if he asked her to go with him in return for him joining their crew, she had a choice to make. “Would you have said no if it wasn’t for the team?”

"Figured." Was all he said before he pulled out his phone to check his messages. Tristan yawned as he typed. He was used to always being the one in the drivers seat, so him being in the passengers seat, and with the smooth road, he couldn’t help but feel tired. It reminded him of when he was younger, and he would always fall asleep whenever he was in the car. Even if he was getting ready to go to a baseball game.

"I’m sure he is." Tristan knew his face would be priceless when he saw him. He’d just assume that he was even more fake and unloyal to his old crew. The male laughed, "I’m surprised you haven’t seen me get into a one on one with somebody else at the club. I guess you’ll see my real dancing soon enough anyways." He thought about it for a second, "My car. I’m not risking some asshole hitting it again."


Dance alone x Bristan


"You danced with them?" Marcus grinned,"Thats even better, dude. Why’d you get the boot? Flirting with the leaders girlfriend or something?" He laughed,"You think the only reason they were getting to the championships was because of you?" Now he wasn’t sure if the boy was being cocky on purpose or not. Maybe he really was that good or maybe this was all for show, either way they would be finding out soon at his orientation. 

She laughed to herself at the smirk he’d formed, the way he rubbed the back of his neck making her wonder why their dance had to be cut short. She’d have time to make up for it, though. She’d gotten used to the two boys teasing her since she was closest to them in the house, even though she was close with everyone. 

They all watched him check his phone, making sure he didn’t do anything that would indicate he was about to make a run for it,

"Nice to meet you too, man," Donovan nodded his head,"Sorry we had to meet like this," he laughed,"It’ll be funny soon, to us at least. Hell, it’s funny now," 

"Brielle will take you," Marcus nodded at the girl. She sighed and stood, holding her hand out for the keys to his van that he normally never drove because why would he drive it when he had a selection of nice cars? But it was his brother’s and he insisted on driving it every now and then,

"Were holding you to that, Tristan. And if we have to send someone after you it’s not going to be a hot girl again," Marcus yelled at the two as Brielle lead him out the front door, shutting it behind them. She let out a breath of air,

"Finally. They never shut up," she sighed, climbing into the drivers seat. She shoved the key into the ignition, feeling the vehicle start up. She peeled out of the parking space, turning onto the street,

"So, what really made you say yes?" the girl asked, checking her mirrors. 

Tristan nodded his head. “Since I was thirteen.” He laughed slightly at his comment, “No, because I decided I was going to college, that I didn’t wanna stay in the streets. I auditioned for the pre dance team at my school, and Chase found out, and he got upset.” He spoke shrugging his shoulders. “I mean, obviously. They haven’t gone farther than the third round since Chase dropped me. If I wasn’t their ticket, then I don’t think they would need to take three years for a upgrade.”

He felt uncomfortable for a second when he felt them all staring at him as he looked at his phone. Tristan knew why they were staring at him, and he was used to people staring at him because he was a street dancer, but the way they all purged their eyes on him just bothered him.

Tristan looked at the boy who was next to him, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself. He was freaking out in the car, but really all they wanted was for him to dance with them at the championships. Chase always tried to put him down just because he was born into wealth, but then he would kiss his ass because he needed his hyper mobility to buy their ticket into championships. If they had told him from the start who they were going against, then he wouldn’t have had such a fit, he’d agree in a heart beat. Mostly because he wanted to show Chase that he was somebody with or without him. Hell, random people wanted to recruit him.

Tristan looked at the boy before he walked out. He just hoped that meant they’d send a boy, and not an unattractive girl. He hoped that their girls had been as attractive as the girl leading him out of the door. “I thought they were going to walk me to my dorm to get my stuff.” He spoke referring to the fact that they hadn’t trusted him when he looked at his phone. The male climbed into the passengers seat of the vehicle. It felt much better to be sitting in there not feeling like a prisoner.

"Is you being attractive not a reason?" He asked jokingly before shrugging his shoulders. "I don’t know, I guess because of what he told me up there." Tristan said not wanting to be direct about their old member dying. "And a little part of me misses dancing in the streets, but now it’s mostly because I just want to show Chase who’s better."


Dance alone x Bristan


"Hm, maybe you’re smarter than I thought you were. I should give you credit," he admitted," Even though no one who follows a girl into an alley behind a club in the middle of the night can’t be that bright," he smirked at the boy, knowing there was nothing he could say to that because he did it,"I didn’t say you were, I said don’t become it," he was being serious with the boy. Staying humble was the best thing he could do because one someone came along and knocked him off his high horse his ego was going to be damaged. Unless of course, Marcus was having this conversation with him too late.

"Savages," he rolled his eyes, not making the connection between what the boy had said earlier because if you didn’t known the boy personally then you probably wouldn’t have,"Apparently they lost a member and then upgraded," he shrugged,"They could get a million upgrades and still wouldn’t be able to beat us," He wasn’t being cocky, he was being honest,

The girl rose an eyebrow when he looked her way and pointed at her. She began to open her mouth but soon felt Marcus kick her, knowing if she said what came to mind she’d probably ruin it,

"She’ll do it, right Brielle?" Marcus looked at the blonde haired girl, giving her a look,

She rolled her eyes,”It’s not like I was gonna say no, he’s hot. And because I want whats best for the crew…but mainly because of the first reason,” she shrugged bluntly, there was no reason to lie,

"So that answers my question from earlier," Donovan looked over at the boy, trying not to laugh,

"What question?" Marcus looked between Tristan and the guy next to him, not aware they already had insiders,

"I asked him if Brielle’s dancing was really that good, obviously it was," Marcus and Donovan began to laugh but tried to stop themselves. Brielle looked at the boy, winking at him before sitting back down. If he was going to be around them he would have to get used to being embarrassed, it came with being a part of the family and he hadn’t even gotten to initiation yet,

"It’s never too-," she heard Marcus clear his throat and she stopped what she was saying, not wanting to make him feel mad or uncomfortable. She knew that her and Mason had a thing before he passed but she couldn’t sulk forever and it didn’t seem like Marcus was going to let her move on soon. It was like he was trying to make sure she was always sad just because he wasn’t over his death yet. She wasn’t either but at least she was trying,

"Marcus," Marcus pointed to himself,"Donovan," he pointed to the boy across the room,"And you already know Brielle," he nodded at the girl shortly before she started talking again,

"So do I," she shrugged,"But I make it work and you can too. It’s fun, were like a family," she offered, trying to get him to understand,"You’ll have your own room and everything,"

Tristan shrugged his shoulders. “I am smart.” He rolled his eyes, before laughing. “I’m a nineteen year old boy. What else can you expect from me?” He asked, cocking his brow. It was true, what he did was stupid, but using the idea that he was only nineteen wasn’t completely wrong either. The male didn’t see himself as cocky, just confident. Maybe he was cocky, but he wouldn’t admit that out loud, so he decided to just ignore it.

Tristan huffed loudly. It’s not that he was scared to see Chase again, he just didn’t want to. He had a few run ins with the boy on the street, and they never ended up good. And if he found out that he was dancing with another crew, then everything would just go to shit. “I know they lost a member,” He said, indicating that it was him. The male couldn’t help but laugh, “Right. It’s been three years since they’ve gone to championships, and that’s because he dropped me three years ago.” Modesty had never been a good look on him, but it’s not like he was lying. It was the truth, and the crew knew that which was why a few them had left knowing they wouldn’t make it far. Tristan wanted to see if he could figure out who was their ‘upgrade’. Considering there wasn’t much to upgrade from Tristan.

He ran his hand across the back of his neck, before checking the earring on his lobe and pushing the holder back into place since it felt loose. Tristan smirked once she said he was hot. Tristan looked at the boy next to him, and shrugged their laughter off. He smirked back at the girl, and managed to wink back before the two of them had composed themselves.

Tristan rose his eyebrows, but didn’t say anything when the boy beside her had cut here off. He grabbed his phone looking at the time. He’d need to move his car, because he wasn’t going to leave it in the parking lot, there was no way he was risking that. “Nice to meet you.” He was a bit hesitant to let the words escape. They weren’t bad people, or at least he didn’t think they were. Just the way he met them wasn’t exactly the way you meet other people that you build friendships off of.

He felt like he was getting too comfortable with them too quickly. “Either way, I need to go back to the club, and get my car.” Tristan spoke, “And I would need to get my stuff from the dorm.” He looked at them, “I’ll tell you what, if I’m not by the club by two pm tomorrow you can come and kidnap me. I’m in dorm 269, east wing.”


Dance alone x Bristan


"Yeah, well were not going into depth until were sure you’re not going to back out," he mocked the boy,"Besides, this obviously isn’t ‘every other’ interview, hence why we had to lure you out the club and tie you up. If you’ve ever been to another interview like that then I suggest looking into it because theres something wrong with that," he sighed,"I’m not gassing you up, you’re good kid. Don’t get cocky," he rolled his eyes, folding his arms across his chest,

"UDO Southern Street Dance Championships," he grinned,"We’ve won every year for seven years in a row which is why we can’t stop now. It’s important to us," Marcus and his brother had promised each other that they would win the competition at least ten years in a row before he passed and Marcus planned to keep that promise,"Therefore we need you," 

"Really, thats awesome man," Donovan grinned, getting ready to give the boy dap but stopped when he realized he was still tied up. He looked at Marcus to see if he could untie him but he shook his head,

"Why are you agreeing so fast? What do you want out of it?" Marcus knew there was nothing free in life and that everything came with a cost. Just like if he was serious about working with them he would have to stay and live with them until it was time for the competition. They spent a lot of time together, rehearsing and practicing and frankly the boy across from him couldn’t risk missing out on any of it or it would jeopardize them winning. 

Donovan began to stand when the boy did but sat back down when he said he wouldn’t run, nodding at him. He made sure he was ready to jump just incase he did decide to try something,

"Depends on what you’re talking about," the girl laughed and shook her head before pulling out the boys phone and handing it to him. She watched him sit down and sighed, standing up. She walked over and untied the stuff around his wrists, holding a hand up when Marcus began to yell at her,

"He said he would do it and that he wasn’t going to run, I believe him y’all should too," she looked at the boy, making sure he got her point and then at her two members,"But I think y’all are forgetting to tell him the important part. You have to stay with us until it’s all over," she looked back at the boy, folding her arms.

Tristan shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe you like to give the interviewee an adrenaline rush, shake ‘em up a little bit so that they don’t know how to say no.” He felt like the two of them could be able to go back and forth all night, but he was training for arguing, so he felt confident that if they did go back and forth, he would end up winning. “I’m not being cocky.” He spoke before smiling, he was almost positive it was the first time that he let his teeth shine.

He nodded his head, he knew which one they were talking about. Tristan had been in that competition once with his old crew, but they always leaned towards Battle For Your Life more often. He hadn’t talked to them for the longest now, because he decided to go pursue something other than dancing ensuing problems between him and the rest of the crew because he had lied. Tristan had auditioned for his university’s dance team, and didn’t tell them, instead he lied about it. Chase found out, and ultimately decided he wasn’t loyal enough to stay in the group, because he was leaving the streets. “Eh…” He trailed off, “Who are you going against at the championships?” He asked, he just assumed it would be his old crew, Savages, because word on the street was that they had came back stronger than ever. He laughed to himself recalling when he said he felt like a savage, he at least was one at one point.

Tristan was going to say he didn’t want anything out of it, before he looked over at the girl. He picked up both arms, because he had no choice, and pointed at her. “Me, her.” He trailed off, “One night at the club.” He was going to leave it at that, “But keep your face showing.” Tristan smirked, and leaned back against the couch. He didn’t want money, he had enough of that. She helped kidnap him, the least she could do was actually go out with him, and not intend to cause felonies on him.

The male shook his head at her, laughing. “It’s too early for that.” Was all he said, before he looked back at whoever the boy was next to her. That’s when it came across him, that he didn’t even know their names. “Well, you know my name, might as well tell me yours.” He spoke up, waiting for one of them to state their name. Tristan looked at her once she took it off of him, “Thanks.” He said and stretched his arms all the way back causing his joints to move beyond the normal excepted range of movement before listening to her, and dropped his arms on his thighs. “I have school.”